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PR/Marketing Manager
PR & Marketing Strategist
PR Specialist/Publicist
Online Marketplace Mgmt 
hannel Marketing
Creative Finance Expert/Funding Finder

Social Media Groups Strategist

                Creating Success?                                                                                                      DNA of a Startup                                

   Want Mainstream Media?

We identify story ideas, write and engage

From messaging development, media outreach and multi-channel growth strategies.  We do whatever it takes to help our clients reach their goals.




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While we work with clients of all sizes, Midtown Marketing Group has the DNA of a startup: we’re nimble, enthusiastic about your story and are able to produce results.


    But don’t just take our word for it.

Check out what our clients say:

Tina can pitch and secure media like nobody can

I first met Tina in 1996 and she was building her PR/Sales/Finding Funding company.  Over the  years she has helped me 10 times over to find the answers I needed to complete my investments.  She is a creative thinker with an impeccable work ethic, organizational skills and a willingness to learn with a go-getter attitude. 


Need an idea generator?  Want a strategic media planner that delivers?  Tina Janke is your answer-she found media placements that amazed us.

 We hired Tina to respond to our Help a Reporter Out (HARO) PR leads.  We found her to be a creative writer who can quickly provide bite-size, easy to quote insights and research into a number of different topics, thus providing journalists with our information they need for their article.s

Tina is a Publicist Extraordinaire!  She managed all our media opportunities, media communication, media messaging for our company and products.   Her team developed media engagement strategies for PR campaigns, announcements and podcast interviews,  speaker gigs, plus identifying target media outlets, reporters, and created sales outlets for us.  Christmas 2019  is exploding with our new invention-simply amazing!

Tina has a hunter sales mentality, she finds and closes sales like no other I've worked with.  She is goal driven and self-motivated


Tina and her team at Midtown Marketing are the best-in-class at messaging, outreach, relationship-building, and written communication.

Tina is a natural storyteller, with the ability to turn facts and proof points into compelling narratives.

Thank you Tina! You have the gift of Networking!!  You are a super connector.


Tina is so adept at identifying and communicating angles and compelling audience interest points

 I have dealt with Tina for 20 years and she is a go-getter.  She is an ambitious PR/media strategist, she can see multiple story angles and uses, within a single piece of content.  Plus she is your social media strategist to connect with influencers to amplify coverage across channels.  She got us so many placements.   Well worth the money spent. 

What can I say about Tina?  She’s amazing!   A gift from God.  With her vivacious personality, her never-say-quit attitude, a flair for clever writing-she gets things done.  Overall a great lady, well-rounded, organized, hard worker and efficient-a true blessing.

Tina has a can-do attitude, is detail-oriented, an organizational whiz.


Tina has an uncanny ability to inject innovative thinking into every project

The Midtown Marketing team took our complex solutions and got us exposure to food, food additives and agriculture industries.  All resulted in new sales for each division....great job!

We are a DC non-profit and the advice she gave

us was phenomenal, so much worthwhile info.

We hired Tina as our PR Manager but got a Brand Manager Extraordinaire!  She's fantastic!

I came from the airline and oil industry and found Tina to be a highly motivated strategic thinker who is resourceful, inquisitive and adept at navigating the complexities of starting an airline.  She is a genius.

My invention got so much media coverage.  So many published and on TV, best money I ever spent!   


 Her rolodex introduced me to investor contacts I didn't even know existed and I've been a Venture Capitalist for years.

Tina is  an experienced marketer with a passion for product PR.  She's great at utilizing both sides of her brain.  She's driven, creative, tech-savvy, adaptable, 

organized, and relentless.  

Tina has a wildly creative mind who is also an analytical thinker and master problem solver.  She’ll amaze you.


“WOW!” Tina can synthesize your info, solve problems faster than anyone I've ever worked with.

She saw our target market so differently than we did.  She took the big picture ideas, devised a plan in our budget, got us exposure and sales....what's not to like. 

We needed sales and we were so disorganized but Tina pulled it all together and we got sales on a continual basis-amazing to watch her do her magic. 

Another agency could not deliver on this task, but boy did you deliver! Thanks for the co-op dollars heads up on our mailer, it didn't cost us a thing.   Thank you so very much for the savings.

Tina is PR maven...she loves finding creative new ways to connect brands to people.  Our brand went further than we ever thought it would.

She is passionate about what she can do and knows how to back it up.

   The focus on the execution of our deliverables exceeded our expectations


One smart cookie. I learned so much working with her.  Coming out of college, I had very little knowledge of how to "do" PR.  I  learned all about strategy, PR, Social Media, Sales, Funding, running a business, how to get clients and so much more.   


 Tina's PR ability is unsurpassed. She is the "go to" person who knows how to generate positive, high profile publicity as well as having an extensive library of contacts. When I start a new project, Tina is the first person I ask to help generate public knowledge and understanding of it.


We are part of the hemp industry.  She came with great references for other industries.  We took a chance and we were not disappointed!

Tina was responsible for developing original content for emails, brochures, websites, social media, blog articles, catalog copy,  newsletters, press releases, print ads, posters, conferences/trade shows collateral, flyers and other direct-response marketing materials. She did a fantastic job!

My internship with Tina Janke ended up coaching me on how to open my own agency.  Such a wealth of knowledge.

Tina is a creative, strategic, hard-working, collaborative, flexible, roll up her sleeves to get the job done kind of consultant.  She’s done just about everything we needed. She’s mission-driven with experience in all sorts of things like branding, advertising, digital strategies, PR and social media, website management, print collateral, direct mail marketing, sales, funding, a great writer and the best networker and promoter! She can do it quickly and gets amazing results.  She will keep internal and external projects moving forward, on budget with good results.  

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